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9th ECPD Global Youth Forum, Belgrade, October 23-24

On 23-24 October 2021 the Sava Youth Parliament members from „Crnjanski“ High School participated at the 9th ECPD Global Youth Forum that took place in the Belgrade City Hall and below are their impressions.

„We are still full of impressions. This definitely was an unforgettable experience. First of all, we would like to thank the Sava Youth Parliament for giving us this opportunity. We put in a lot of effort and it paid off. We had the opportunity to listen to lectures on the main world problems and issues, of which we were most intrigued by “Parallel between Artsakh and Kosovo and Metohija”, “Pandemic Covid-19” and “Youth power”. We are proud that one member of our team, Magdalena Živanović, even had a chance to present the Sava Youth Parliament. To be honest, she did really great and we are truly proud of her. We are willing to participate again, of course, and we will always remember this lovely weekend!“

(Wrote by Milica Radovanović, Gimnazija Crnjanski, Belgrade)

Thank you, Magdalena, Milica, Ana, Vuk and Velibor, for successfully representing the Sava Youth Parliament at this important event fully dedicated to young people!

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