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Educational trip to Golubac Fortress, Serbia

In addition to the 9th Sava Youth Parliament held 8-9 October 2021 in Banja Luka and online, on 26 November 2021 we organized an educational trip to Golubac Fortress for Sava Youth Parliament members from Serbia (School of Applied Arts – Šabac and Gimnazija Crnjanski – Belgrade). We had such a good time and we learned a lot. But most of all, we trully enjoyed the opportunity to finally meet in person. It was a great day and I’m glad that one of the participants has shared her impressions:

Once again, we had a wonderful time and an opportunity to learn something new. What made this event even better was the fact that we also met people of our age, students from The School of Applied Arts in Šabac. All together, we visited Golubac fortress, known as the point where Danube’s riverbed is the widest (6,5 km). The wind was pretty strong there and the rain was heavy, but it didn’t ruin our impression at all! We actually felt like we were at the sea coast (regarding the size of the riverbed) and we were still able to enjoy the view! Each of us took amazing pictures (or videos) of the fortress. Our friends from Šabac and their teacher Mihailo Simović brought their professional cameras so we’re all impatiently waiting to see the photos they took. We also listened to a lecture that was about the fortress and the place itself and had an opportunity to see Miroslav’s Gospel (phototype edition), as well as many requisites from the Middle Ages, such as swords, dresses or all sorts of teas! Before we got to Golubac, we learned about the origin and relief of this part of our country, Đerdap gorge and the Pannonian Sea thanks to our geography teacher, Jelena Veselinović (working at Gimnazija Crnjanski). Our next stop was Požarevac, where we had lunch and elected a representative of the Sava Youth Parliament. We all voted for Magdalena Živanović, a third year student from Gimnazija Crnjanski in Belgrade. She truly deserved it after all the effort she put into the project. After the break, we visited a gallery that was previously a house held by famous Serbian artist, Milena Pavlović-Barili. We were amazed by her artwork that really left an impression on us. Unfortunately, that was our last stop as well. But we had a great time travelling back likewise! We talked a lot, played “UNO” cards and had a feeling like we had known each other for quite a long time! We promised to meet again as soon as possible. From our point of view, this whole adventure has just begun!

Wrote by Milica Radovanović, a third year student of Gimnazija Crnjanski, Belgrade

photos by prof. Mihailo Simović, Dušan Stanojlović and Ksenija Opanković, School of Applied Arts, Šabac

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