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Sava Youth Parliament at the Balkan Youth Environmental Assembly

The Balkan Youth Environmental Assembly (BYEA) is a civil-society initiative organized by and for young people in the Balkans to learn and dialogue about the environmental issues that matter most to them. This year the Assembly was held on 23-25 February, 2022 and we are so proud that the Sava Youth Parliament was represented at this remarkable event by Magdalena Živanović, Deputy President from „Crnjanski“ High School in Belgrade.

”As the vice president of Sava Youth Parliament, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate and represent the Sava Youth Parliament at this year’s Balkan Youth Assembly.

From the 23rd to the 25th of February, alongside participants from all around the world, I participated in discussions about digital rural futures, green energy, biodiversity and preserving natural heritage. 

The most joyful part is that we all participated in drawing up and submitting our joint Declaration to the United Nations Environmental Program Major Group for Children and Youth (UNEP MGCY).

It was a pleasure to be a part of such an event and to have learnt about our environment and all the things we need to do to preserve it. 

Even though I was one of the youngest participants, I found it enriching to learn and give my own view whilst discussing these topics. 

The participants and organisators were pleased and pleasantly surprised to see youth organisations, such as the Sava Youth Parliament and were more than open to hear our views and opinions. 

They have encouraged me to continue my journey and to keep doing what is in my hands to help and preserve this Planet.

I am very grateful for this experience and opportunity  and I hope to represent the Sava Youth Parliament in other upcoming events, such as this one!”

Magdalena Živanović, „Crnjanski“ High School, Belgrade

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